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hate mail
king krimson
frippery: something showy, frivolous, or nonessential
our colonial friends
a british perspective
a fan?
sweet jesus, someone who likes our site
bomb usa
upset limey with top ten reasons why america sucks
english superior for finding aluminum
pay dearly
chupa fucks with alistair
ten little points
a reader's retort to limey top ten reasons
bomb iraq
a holiday song celebrating bush's legacy
british consumers
how can the brits complain when they buy our shitty tv?
tony blair is on bush's dick
sweet jesus, we segue from king crimson to meshuggah
don't criticize the motherfucking osmonds!
'tis the season to kick someone's ass
ugly american
chupa makes a "friend"
chupa and his new friend exchange insults
cocksucker reunion
chupa says insults the cocksucker for old time sakes
a scotsman's view
the scots hate england too!

letters to spammers and other such idiots
burning flags
the best burning flags
search engine
how to promote site
florida nudes
asking actor for nude photos
florida nudes2
asking another actor for nude photos
angry agent
pissed off acting agent