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sperm whale sires lesbian kids

Even for a man whose friends called him "Old Tripod," David Crosby has "gotten around" in ways most of his loose-zippered '60s counterparts haven't even dreamt of. According to Reuters, Rolling Stone recently went public with the news that the aged balladeer is actually the biological father of lesbian singer Melissa "Your Little Secret" Etheridge's kids.

"He's musical, which means a lot to me, and I admire his work," Etheridge, 38, reportedly told the magazine. The children, three-year-old daughter Bailey and one-year-old son Beckett, were incubated by Etheridge's partner, Julie Cypher, who was fertilized with Crosby sauce via artificial insemination.

"No kitchen implements were involved," said Cypher, a 35-year-old filmmaker ands ex-wife of Lou Diamond Phillips.

Odd comments like that aside, the 58-year-old Crosby seemed an unlikely semen donor candidate for the couple, given his poor health and long history of drug abuse. Several years ago, Crosby required a new liver, and according to The Toronto Sun, has suffered "addictions to alcohol, heroin and cocaine, coupled with a love of guns and speeding that led to jail time and several car and motorcycle crashes, respectively."

For years, public speculation has run rampant concerning the father's identity-everyone but Crosby was a candidate, it seems, from Brad Pitt to Bruce Springsteen. As for Crosby, who once boasted, "I follow my unit the way a caboose chases a train," well, he's very pleased.

"Maybe it's a good thing for a lot of straight families to see that this is not something strange,'' Crosby told Rolling Stone.

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