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Subject: Re: twat
From: "El Rey" <elrey@godlessmotherfucker.com>
Date: Fri, December 13, 2002 2:17 pm
To: <thehybridtheorist@***.com>

Hope you are joking. Now is not the time to be friendly. It's fucking
Christmastime, and in America Christmastime means it's time to STOMP
somebody's ASS!!!

> I'd like to thank you, as the reply you sent to my friend was much less
> homourous, and was basicly, america is great, laa laa laa. this one
> made me laugh, and you took the time to find out my name, so you could
> insult me personally.
> as it was quite funny, I'd like to make up, using a quote from those
> famous anti-americans, NOFX, who I saw live in August. Before playing
> "murder the Government", they shouted out,
> "This is a son about how much our country SUCKS!"
> (much applause and laughter)
> "Hey I don't know what your cheering about, it only sucks like this
> much more than yours" holding his fingers about 1cm apart (sorry thats
> 1/5th inch"