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Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2002 13:44:47 +0000
From: "Harry Mcintyre" <project*******@hotmail.com>
Subject: re: Let's bomb england
To: elrey@godlessmotherfucker.com

1.You're all fat, stupid ignorant and greedy.

2.Sept 11th was considered a pretty damn fine day by every country but

3.You will lose in Iraq to a bunch of peasents, just like 'Nam

4.Your president is a fucking joke world wide.

5.You have no real culture or history.

6.Your music is fucking attrocious for the most part.

7.Your food is grease ridden filth.

8.EVERY country in the world hates you.

9.You're attached to Canada.

10.Your TV is utterly utterly shite

There you go, these are the ten reasons you wrote that article. You know
you're cunts and you wanted to attack someone who you knew was better than
you to make yourself feel better. It's OK, we understand, we know how shit
you are. Maybe one day you will do or create something worthwhile, just hang
on in there.