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From: Chupa 
To: John Shelley <**@gdnctr.com>
Subject: Hi from an old friend		
Hiya chuckles!

I happened upon our amusing email exchange the other day and figured
it was about time that I put it all up on our website for others to
gawk and chuckle at. Thrills a narcissist like yourself, I bet.

Now that Bush has been in office long enough to really fuck things up 
badly, I figure that you're about the best example of an UGLY AMERICAN 
that I have available so up you go. You might have no idea how lucky 
your paley white ass is in getting some ink on our website. Well, I hope
you're all kinds of excited over hearing from me again. Hell, you're 
probably lubing up your cock now you're so thrilled. 

See, I know you're the sort of confused prick who goes to parks late at
night to fuck other guys and then talks shit about homosexuality on
your website. I really want to encourage you to feel more comfortable 
with your sexual orientation and spend some time in gay bars closer to
your home. Nothing to be ashamed of, after all. Now this is a guess, but
I bet you're especially fond of sex with Arab men? You like to pretend 
to dominate them even as they're fucking you in the ass? Ahh, you lucky
devil, you.

Well, enough of such fun talk, you silly boy. I bet you're thrilled at 
the prospect of bombing the fuck outta Iraq, so Merry Christmess and all

Oh, and please fucking kill yourself. I'd really hoped you would have done it in
the last year but I checked your website and you're still masturbating at 
keyboard instead of offing yourself as so many of us have hoped. Hell, your
paranoid and racist rants makes al-qaeda seem level-headed and educated:


* John Shelley (**@gdnctr.com) [011021 17:58] wrote:
>>You exemplify the worst in human nature and I really would
>> appreciate it if you'd do yourself in.
> >Please, with all sincerity, please fucking kill yourself.
> No such luck, rectum-licker. I'm gonna dog you until you cry
> and scream for the feds. you're added to my "conservative"
> address email book; you'll get such distribes, you'd better set
> up a filter. i'm gonna lambast you with just one barrel, for now.
> the other is coming, limey trash.
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> By 40, a man is a conservative and has found his brain.
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