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Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2001 05:05:03 -0400
From: John Shelley <**@gdnctr.com>
Subject: Re: Fucking amazing
To: Ramone <ramone@godlessmotherfucker.com>
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Ramone wrote:

> I just happened by your website while searching for information on a
> Hitachi monitor I'm thinking of buying and your website caught my
> attention simply because you seem to be one of the most arrogant
> motherfuckers I've ever encountered.
> A quick glance at a smattering of your drivel yields the views of a
> typical entrenched ultra-conservative puffed up with their own hot air.
> No suprise here but I still don't fucking understand why other people
> would bother to read such schlop.
> Amazing your goddamned hatred of Arabs though:
> http://www.gdnctr.com/oct_19_01.htm
> This sentence alone rivals anything the terrorists have said and thought
> about Americans:
> "We're going to have to exterminate incinerate obliterate kill millions
> of fanatical Muslim filth worldwide, and here in the US, to get things
> under control. I look forward with great glee to nuclear-tipped ICBMs
> raining down on the extremist Arab subhuman garbage."
> What a bizarre dichotomous world you live in. Call Democrats idiots and
> you're justified in villifying a large percentage of the world's
> population. I don't care much for people who align themselves with
> either party but I sure don't understand the hatred you have any more
> than the hatred the terrorists have for us. You've got one hand on your
> cock, the other up your ass and you rely on your brain stem to do the
> thinking for you. Fucking amazing.
> Kill yourself. Please fucking kill yourself.
> ramone@godlessmotherfucker.com

thanks for the note, cockbreath.

obviously, from your inane comments, you were sucking some
towelhead cock on sept 11th, and missed what happened. if
you're that fucking stupid, scrotum face, you deserve the empty
little world you currently inhabit. why, i'll bet you're marching with
the lowlifes for peace and forgiveness for the pork-suckers. you
need some serious help, asshole; you've shit your brain out on
your last dump, scumbag.

we're in a war, dicklicker. or can't you figure that out?

crawl back under your slimy rock, jerkoff. mindless morons like
you - patently obvious from your pathetic email address - are
more suited to wiping raghead rectums than soiling the net.

may get contract a raging case of terminal cancer and die a
most painful and protracted death. the civilized world spits on you...

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By 20, a man is a liberal and has found his heart.
By 40, a man is a conservative and has found his brain.

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