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Subject: Re: Meshuggah
From: "El Rey" <elrey@godlessmotherfucker.com>
Date: Thu, December 12, 2002 12:32 pm
To: <levi_civita_tensor@*******.com>

Thanks for the response, pal. I'm always happy to hear from a fellow
hater of King Crimson. As for Tool, much respect to those guys for what
they do, even though I'm not a big fan. I will say that when I lived in
Los Angeles, nothing spoke to my heart like the song "Aenema" at that
time. They hit that cesspool of a city right on its bleached-blonde head
with that song. I did see Tool at an Ozzfest a few years back and they
were by far the best live band, though the Melvins were awesome as well.
Anyway, thanks again for the mail.

> In your response to a King Crimson supporter, you stated: "You need to
> go out and buy some Meshuggah or something."
> Ironically, both bands have been opening acts for Tool, who themselves
> are considered progressive metal. Anyway, I was just curious as to
> what a person such as yourself, who both likes and hates these bands in
> the same manner I do, thinks about Tool.
> Sincerely,
> No One Special
> P.S BTW, if you haven't already, you should go see Meshuggah live...
> wow. I saw them open for Tool, and I could honestly say that they were
> just as impressive live as Tool was. Coming from a Tool fan, that is
> saying a lot.