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Subject: Re: King Crimson
From: "El Rey" <elrey@godlessmotherfucker.com>
Date: Mon, November 25, 2002 2:22 pm
To: <kaput*****@hotmail.com>

Hiya muthafucker,

I know King Crimson pretty well. When I was in junior high I thought that
shit was pretty awesome, especially "Starless and Bible Black" and "In
the Court of the Crimson King." Thought "Discipline" was pretty good too,
but I hated it when Adrian Belew sang.
Anyway, I'm older now and realize that King Crimson suck lizard balls.
Why do you think the term "frippery" has come to mean "pretentious,
ostentatious, unnecessary"? It's because of Robert Fripp's masturbatory
guitar playing. This pompous buttplug Fripp actually took a group of 20-odd
acoustic guitarists on the road some years back, calling it "The League
of Gentlemanly Guitarists," and they all played at once for 2 hours. Who
would wanna hear that shit??? And Fripp even instructed one of these
assholes to NOT play, claiming he was the sound of silence. Damn, that
shit would be hilarious if Fripp weren't actually serious. But he is, so
he sucks.
You need to go out and buy some Meshuggah or something.

> Hey asshole, you insulted King Crimson in your 'bomb england article'
> and it's King Crimson not Kind Crimson. For god's sake, have you ever
> listened to their stuff it's fucking awesome, i'll admit it's not
> exactly Mettalica quality, but it's better than anything you probably
> listen to, like fucking motley crue or U2 (and other crap 'wish I was a
> rockstar' music). so, download or buy some of their music, before you
> go insulting a band you've never heard before, cause you found it when
> you looked up 'british bands' on the internet. &nbsp;
> P.S. I like your site, it's pretty okay, I go for the rants and shit
> like that (that's what the internet's for) but before you go insulting
> a good band do some research.