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Subject: Re: Dont bomb Engalnd, you may hurt the decent people nearby!                           
From: "El Rey"                                                    
Date: Tue, December 17, 2002 7:07 pm                                                             
To: <*****@hotmail.com>                                                                    
Hey thanks, mack, I enjoyed this one. I need to clarify some things,                             
though. Every one of you bitches from Fog Country, be it England or                              
Scotland, thinks that because I make fun of England I must be                                    
pro-American. I'm not, I just haven't gotten around to posting that rant                         
Second, FUCK Led Zeppelin and all those other blues-rock bands you                               
mentioned. Blues-rock played by pasty white island motherfuckers doesn't                         
sound too authentic to me, and it's actually worse in practice than in                           
theory when you have bony-ass queens like Mick Jagger and Robert Plant                           
prancing around in tights thinking they're black. I agree, America                               
pollutes the world with more shitty bands overall than any country, but                          
the irony of a cat from the country that brought us BIG COUNTRY bitching                         
about anyone else's music ain't lost on me.                                                      
Haggis-slurpin', bagpipe-suckin', kilt-wearin', golf-inventin'                                   
> Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2002 00:51:24 +0000
> From: "Gregor Young" <*****@hotmail.com>
> Subject: Dont bomb Engalnd, you may hurt the decent people nearby!
> To: elrey@godlessmotherfucker.com
> In reply to your rant on english people ..
> I'm scottish and i fucking hate the english  (so props for the thought) but to
> be quite honest your rant was bullshit. Most of your evidence for english
> people being such utter pricks was completely unfounded. For example, you slag
> off their music .. if there is anything that England has produced well its
> musicians, and great bands  . Like Led Zeppelin (don t even try bitching about
> them), Cream, Rolling Stones, Deep Purple .. a little out dated now but these
> guys laid all the foundations for the stuff I m more than sure you listen to.
> And it s because of the USA and your bollocks reality-tv/making-the-band
> programmes (yes that s programmes and not programs) that the whole fucking
> music industry is a joke. Another small example: you mention Black Pudding as
> one of England s most  terrible  cuisine . well bullshit again, it s Scottish
> and it tastes great. I struggle to think of any food that actually originated
> in USA.  And if you re one of those ignorant yank fuckers that thinks Scotland
> is a small village in the north of England (ye you know just outside Paris)
> then I don t know why I m wasting my time writing this.
> My point is English people are cunts because of the following .. arrogance,
> ignorance, rudeness, pretentiousness, loudness, blatant disregard for other
> nations and cultures (hence why they are hated everywhere they go), cricket,
> royalty, their complete inability to pronounce R s correctly and the fact that
> they all wish they were American.
> I like your site and I think you re funny, but you are just plain wrong with
> this one
> PS a wee note to all the English readers:  Fuck off you guff bastards, get out
> of MY country!