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From: Rev <haemorrhage@godlessmotherfucker.com>
To: flagsource@flagsource.com
Subject: Need American flags for special purpose

I have need of some flags for a special purpose. Ten friends and I wish
to stage a public action against Senator Hatch's proposed Constitutional
Amendment outlawing flag burning by each burning an American flag. We'd
like your recommendation on which fabric might carry the flame nicely
without causing unnecessary burns to ourselves.

Please let me explain: many years ago we burned a flag for similar
reasons but since the flag was made of synthetic material I was burned
by hot melted plastic. As you can imagine, this was a somewhat
unpleasant feeling on the back of my hand. I must say that the flag did
burn very nicely and footage of us on CNN was extraordinary. Old glory
flamed up gloriously.

But I diverge... Would you have any non-synthetic American flags that
might provide us with a stunning flame for TV cameras while we safely
torch them up? While ten flags isn't a big order, you might stand to win
big-time with future protests if your product proves satisfactory.

SAJA: SubGenii Against Jingoism in America


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Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2001 13:11:32 -0600
From: "Corporate Account" <flagsource@flagsource.com>
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