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Date: Sat, 2 Nov 2002 15:40:26 EST
From: Ecninxt******@aol.com
Subject: your page is fantastic
To: elrey@godlessmotherfucker.com
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Great title, great format, excellent writing.

You've piqued my interest in The Dirtys, a band I had heard of previously and
forgotten about. I love shit nobody knows or everybody hates, hence my
fondness for your site, I suppose.

The Mormon/Junkie comparison was the best essay I've ever read - absolutely
brilliant. I sent it to my Methodist ex-boyfriend.

Recently, I had a job in which I had to attend sales and marketings meetings.
I sold knives and it sucked. Anyway, the group was a bunch of enthusiastic
young college kids, all bright and chipper, and as they were discussing the
conventions it reminded me so much of a church revival I had attended in high
school. The comparisons were piling up and I laughed when our leader, a
robot named Dave with a Bill Gates haircut, said, "Yeah, afterwards we were
all pumped up. We were ready to go sell knives to people on the street."

Organised religion = Sales & marketing.

I epecially loved "Like methadone, Mormonism isn't water soluble, and both
seem to absorb into one's very bones." and, well, pretty much every thing
else about the writing. Kudos for the Burroughs reference.

And you're probably busy, so no reply is expected. Just wanted to know you
kick ass (but you probably already knew that).