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Date: Sun, 13 Oct 2002 01:01:31 +0100
From: "fooboo" <fooboo@*****uk.com>
Subject: Bomb England?
To: <elrey@godlessmotherfucker.com>
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Your country was stolen from Britain in an act of ungrateful treachery and here you are quite obviously devoid of a proper education and rating England.

"Think of the droll, low-budget English sitcoms..." have you any idea of the hours and hours of poor quality American TV that gets aired in Britain every day because the same companies that export our crap over there imports your crap over here.

"It's no great overstatement to say England's sole contribution to Western cultural the past century has been an aping of American pop music..." don't even get me started on the lack of culture that your country was built on. You can't even spell or pronounce your language properly over there (and that is a bastardised form of our language anyway), and as for music, we you ape us, you even use our language to sing in, if you are so good get your own language and stop basing your music on British traditions and ideas.

Your "senate" was an idea borrowed from Rome and your standard, the eagle, used by Romans but also the Nazis interestingly enough. You haven't an original idea amongst you and most technology "invented" in America is actually invented by Europeans that were paid to go there just to make you look good.

As for your food comment, the most popular food in Britain is curry, a dish we got from our colonial friends in India. The most popular curries are those that were actually invented by British Indians in Britain. (check your facts twat).

You obviously know nothing of modern English cooking and as for American cooking?

Apple pie, cooked in England for centuries before America was founded,
Pizza, an Italian dish, Hot dogs, well most European countries have been making various sorts of sausage for 1000s of years, you chose to take this idea and leave out the meat, hot pink bland mosh in a bleached bread substance mmm!

As for the Romans, the majority of "Romans" that occupied Britain were romanised locals not Romans and they left us several new herbs and spices all of which have been assimilated into our food. (Mint for example, we even use that in our tooth paste and sweets it's so popular).
Again your education (if that is what you can call the propaganda and drivel forced into the average American) is lacking, many Bath houses are still in use today, for instance the one in BATH YOU DUNCE! A whole town named after the bath that can be found there.

Incidentaly the Romans washed by rubbing olive oil into each other then scraping it off, and you are in favour of the Roman bathing routine? Seems a touch gay to me.

You may well deride our past but we at least have one, we didn't start a country up last Tuesday then decide it was the best in the world, and you call us arrogant, hypocrite.

Like a child that rebels against its parents you rebel against us an older maturer culture who started you out on your feet and you turned against us like a spoilt brat.

Lets see how happy you are about bombing in general when Al-Quieda have knocked out a few more targets in your country.

godless? more like brainless!