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Date: Tue, 10 Dec 2002 10:29:31 -0800 (PST)
From: dave missal <skunkassassin@*****.com>
Subject: bomb the brits
To: elrey@godlessmotherfucker.com
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>1.You're all fat, stupid ignorant and greedy.

1.) have you watched any british television? you are all the same way. keeping up appearances
is all a bunch of fat, old, disgusting british people, who are the equivalent in character to
american trailor trash. also, you say we are greedy. take a look at your history. the reason
we kicked your asses for our independence? your greed. taxation, as much as you could muster,
and we got sick of it. your church positions could be and were BOUGHT. the list goes on and
on. your "empire" was not spurred out of good christian love, it was greed that drove it.

>2.Sept 11th was considered a pretty damn fine day by every country but

2.) thats just weak. "everyone hates america" then why do all your "good british rock groups"
come here to stay? pretend you had been bombed instead of us...do you think the french would
have been saddened by it? or the irish? or the scottish? or the americans? maybe the germans?
no. noone here gave a rats ass when your little princess die, i mean, di, kicked the bucket.
she was a rich brat who tried to make the world a better place. good for her. there are
plenty of poor people who do the same thing, but theyre poor, so they can rot.

>3.You will lose in Iraq to a bunch of peasents, just like 'Nam

3.) a bunch of peasants huh? remind me again who kicked your asses in scotland, france, india,
and oh yes, AMERICA. peasants. and if it hadnt been for us peasants, you would have been
taken over by the germans. twice. so lay off, weve only lost once. we also saved the world
from the russians during the cold war, we beat iraq senseless in the gulf war, we owned you
twice, and the japanese, well we all know how that one ends.

>4.Your president is a fucking joke world wide.

4.) the only reason you have a president is because we had one first. oh wait, "prime
minister" i apologize.

>5.You have no real culture or history.

5.) at least our non-existant culture and history doesnt resemble your existant one. a bunch
of fat, ugly, greedy kings killing their wives, killig their people, killing other people's
people, making up churches, insisting that brits are direct descendants of god and that all
other life is inherently inferior, shall i continue?

>6.Your music is fucking attrocious for the most part.

our music is directly resulting from yours, and is yours in many cases. the sad thing is, you
guys didnt appreciate it enough to keep it, so your musicians decided america was better for
their music than england and moved here.

>7.Your food is grease ridden filth.

7.) haggis is your fault.

>8.EVERY country in the world hates you.

8.)again, take a look at the list of countries thats not too fond of you.

>9.You're attached to Canada.

9.) youll notice that one of canadas provinces is called "british columbia" that means they
owe you a debt of gratitude for making them the shitty country they are today.

>10.Your TV is utterly utterly shite

10.) american idol is your fault. tv in general is "shite" thats its point. its supposed to be
entertaining, not thought provoking. if you want thought provoking, intelligent material, go
read a fucking book.

before you go knocking america in ten little points, try and remember that they all apply to
you. after all, you started it.

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