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Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2002 12:26:07 -0000
From: "Alistair Wilford" <alistair@*****.com>
Subject: RE: your site
To: "Chupa" <chupa@godlessmotherfucker.com>

I was drunk when I sent the e-mail and yes my site does suck as I have not
worked on it in years and don't care about it. I am a more advanced
developer than working with html files. I am a senior analyst developer and
have been for 7 years.
I only use my domain for the e-mail address.

The site was seriously old.

Sorry for the insult. As I said I was quite drunk and I was pissed at my ex

Those fairy pics are covers of my DJ CDs that I have made. I would not put
up pics of fairies for people to look at.

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From: "Chupa" <chupa@godlessmotherfucker.com>
Sent: 12 December 2002 07:46
To: Alistair Wilford
Subject: Re: your site

* Alistair Wilford (alistair@*****.com) [021211 23:56] wrote:
> You have 48 hours to remove what you say about UK in your site before I
> you a virus.

Holy shit! You're one upset cocksucker!!!

Sweet cheeks, I recommend you learn a new word:

SATIRE: humorous ridicule often used to convey rebuke or criticism or to
expose folly or vice <a brilliant writer noted for her satire>

SYNONYMS: lampoonery, raillery, satiricalness

RELATED WORDS: banter, chaffing; causticity, irony; mockery, ridicule;
pasquinade, persiflage, squib; parody, spoof, spoofery, takeoff

If we were taking ourselves and what we say on the site seriously,
we wouldn't publish angry letters back to us from uppity Brits like
yourself, now would we? If you're too dim to answer for yourself,
I'll answer for you: no, we wouldn't. I've gotta tell ya, though, your
letter is too weak to publish and obviously the work of a premature
ejaculator. Couldn't you have taken a little more time and sent us some
quality insults? Only goddamned 15 year old threaten to send viruses.
Hell, I already have a head cold. Isn't that enough?

Now, Sugar Tits, I recommend you find yourself some naked pictures
of men, women, whatever gets you worked up, and release some tension
there sailor boy. Seriously, Maggie Thatcher would take this better
than you. Perhaps the sheer stress that comes from people calling
you "Alistair" each and every day is the cause, and I sympathize with
you there. We don't pick our parents and the pissant name they gave
you makes that all too clear. As well, you must not be having your
tea times like a nice Limie should. Have yourself some Earl Grey with
milk and get some perspective on things.

Now, before I send you packing, I've gotta tell you that your website
sucks ass:

Please don't take it hard, I'm just trying to be a straight shooter
and tell you what your "friends" don't have the sense to tell
you. I'm really fucking impressed that you've taken a couple of html
classes. Jesus Fucking Christ. Let me guess: you took the classes
at the local library for free? Ho ho ho.

Those half naked fairey pics need to go too. I like how populated your
"comments" section is. Sweet mother of god, it is no wonder nobody
fucking visits your site. Perhaps you're just suffering from "website
envy"? Ours is mind blowing, I know. How about you practice some more
html skillZ and worry less about what some American fuckers on the
other side of the ocean from you have to say when we have nothing
better to do. Hawhaw.

Well, no more time for sharing insults tonight but I recommend you
ponder the email you sent and try a little harder because there's no
whit at all in it. Here's a little insult we got today from one of your
countrymen that is much better than your flaccid attempt:

...as it was quite funny, I'd like to make up, using a quote from
those famous anti-americans, NOFX, who I saw live in August. Before
playing "murder the Government", they shouted out, "This is a song
about how much our country SUCKS!" (much applause and laughter)
"Hey I don't know what your cheering about, it only sucks like this
much more than yours" holding his fingers about 1cm apart (sorry
thats 1/5th inch"

See? This fucker sees we're having some fucking fun and has some
himself. I recommend you do the same, pencil dick. And people say
the British have whit? This other guy got your helping of it, then.