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Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2001 21:33:09 -0600
Subject: Re: Your casting
To: Corinne xxxxxxxxx <xxxxxxxxx@juno.com>

You have the wrong email address lady. I received email from a woman and a man
over the course of a couple of days and enjoyed a fun little prank. I
don't want to cause any real trouble so I'm letting you know. The email
address dino@atomicage.com goes to me, not this other Dino guy you

No harm intended but I laughed my ass off. Some guy sent me a headshot
and I sent him the same email for fun. He looks like a young, pensive
Mark Hammil.

Happy Trails
Dino Volpe

* Corinne xxxxxxxxx (xxxxxxxxx@juno.com) [010420 13:34] wrote:
* > Ok, here were your "actual" words, keep denying this:
* >
* > "I was expecting not only some headshots but some nudes as well since
* > we're looking for someone with a nice body to do some topless work for
* > us. If this is agreeable to you, please send them along."
* >
* > -dino
* >
* > So, what say you now? This could have been an underage person you were
* > soliciting! Luckily for you it was not.
* >
* > Corinne
* > xxxxxxxxx Studio