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el rey

You are alone. There is no god. There is no happiness. There is no Tooth Fairy. There is, however, Pizza. Pizza is better than them all.

There are yet other higher powers: the mighty benzo Ativan, fine music like the Mullens and Calexico, a good anejo tequila and a Dunhill cigarette after a session with your significant other. And of course, the session itself.

Some folks think sessioning with other people outside of marriage is wrong, the work of the devil, etc. These folks are relics from a distant, more primitive time and should be treated with the utmost care. We must preserve them for future generations to chuckle at.

In reality, there are precious few things on this earth that are truly bad. These include modern country music (the kind you hear on the radio, that is), pretty much all American corporations, Corn Flakes, racism, fake breasts, and England.

Bad, sure. But to say these are the devil's work is to lend 'em too much credit. Besides, the devil doesn't work -- he's lazy, and that's why he's my hero.